Welcome to NGP Training

Welcome to NGP Training, the site for National General Practitioner Training in the UK. We are a partnership of general medical practitioners in London. This site is mainly for the use of our clients, but others are also welcome to visit. There are many arrangements under which general practitioners can work in the UK.

While the main career aim is becoming a principal or partner in a GPs surgery, many become salaried or non-principal GPs, work in hospitals in GP-led acute care units, or perform locum work. We work closely with the Royal College of General Practitioners and Nursing care to ensure our training is of the highest standard. For more information visit The National Recruitment Office for General Practice Training.

Professional development is seen as an actively managed process, with the following considerations:

Although GP tutors were originally responsible for all CPD, it is not possible for a single educator to undertake all the tasks with available resources.

The most appropriate facilitator is a peer who is non-judgemental, commanding respect of the learners, and who will be effective in motivating and achieving change.

It is unrealistic for a CPD tutor to undertake responsibility for more than 50 professionals in 2 sessions per week.

Tutors should undertake higher educational qualifications.

BMA condemns GP premises 'crisis'
It is inappropriate that GPs are having to see patients in "sub-standard" rooms, doctors' leaders say.

The rental charges are: